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Guiding Principles

High Standards


Leadership sets the tone for any team, and a consistent commitment to quality and excellence should always be the focus.  A team trained to accept less, will never amount to much.

Build the Best Team

Hire the best talent, and reward them for doing great.   The best teams are teams that don’t need leadership, because they are all capable of leading themselves.

Responsible & Committed

Leaders own the problems of the team, and bear  responsibility for making their effort a success.  They are committed to success, and will drive relentlessly towards that goal. 


No leader can survive without a team that is willing to follow.  Good leadership is based on mutual respect and common goals.  It thrives on trust, and the knowledge that the leader is fair, able to admit mistakes, and focused on progress, not blame.

Deliver to Expectations

Leaders manage expectations, constantly closing the loop with the customer to ensure that the team is aimed at the right goal.


Leaders allows their teams to make the descisions that they can, but are there to make the tough calls, and are willing to do so.

Hold the Vision

Leaders hold the vision, shining a light on the top level goals to keep everyone aligned and focused.  It is easy for teams to get lost in the details, out of formation, and focused on the wrong things.   The primary mission of leadership is to set the course, and keep the team aimed toward it.

No Detail Too Small

No leader can add value without a thorough grasp of the details, and a willingness to dig deep into problems to resolve them.  This is not to say that a leader should micro-manage the team, but when the truck drives into the ditch, the leader is the guy with the jack.

Go Big or Go Home

A leader needs to think broadly and act boldy.  Its about seeing the big opportunity, and then resolutely executing to get there.

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