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Fine-Pitch Tinning & Forming System

The Fine-Pitch Tinning & Forming System fluxes, tins and forms fine-pitch leaded devices.  The design is a bit dated, as the system was built when "odd form" electronics assembly was a big topic.  The FPLD system uses an Adept One robot to manipulate the components through a variety of stations on the work table.  Parts are picked from a matrix tray using binary vision (another dated technology), and taken to a fluxing station, where each of the lead-rows is dipped in a flux bath.  The component is then carried to a tinning station, where the leads are dipped into a recirculating solder bath, covered with an inert atmosphere.  After tinning the  devices are cleaned in recirculating alcohol foutain, and carried to one of four forming stations.  At the forming station, the device body is lowere into a forming die, and the device leads are then crunched into shape.


As an added oddity, the cell featured a Mac IIc computer running the UX, which was custom built using MacApp, Apple's object-oriented pascal application framework popular at the time.  The UX allows the operator to customize depths and dwell times for each of the steps, and create a custom recipe for processing each device as required.

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