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Project support from feasibility to complete production systems.

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Automation Discovery

Many companies struggle with the need to automate without a clear understanding of what is feasible, both technically and financially. XYZ can provide an onsite assessment of current operations to identify and rank potential projects, and craft a roadmap to an optimized automation solution.


Concept & Process Development

Every good assessment leads to a list of potential automation projects.  XYZ can support refinement of this list into actionable projects, providing costing, concepts and process development.

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System Design

Winning projects are ultimately slated for full realization into a production system.  The goal at XYZ is to resolve potential projects into real-world production systems tailored to your needs.


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Our industrial automation services provide robotic solutions to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Our services include the design and installation of industrial robots and mobile robotics, as well as custom end-effector design and integration. With our expertise and experience, you can trust that your industrial automation needs will be met.

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Machine Design

Our Machine Design service produces self-aligning, precise, and sturdy machines that are designed to handle the toughest industrial automation needs. Our machines are engineered to be reliable and efficient, and are built to last. We guarantee that our machines will provide you with a long-term, cost effective solution to your industrial automation needs.

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Machine Vision

We offer a full-service machine vision solutions, utilizing standard 2D and 3D tools for robot guidance and component inspection. Additionally, we specialize in custom ROS and machine perception applications to provide the highest level of accuracy for your automation needs.

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Industry 4.0

Our Industry 4.0 service provides comprehensive solutions that leverage the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud technology to seamlessly integrate all aspects of your industrial automation process. We enable you to monitor, analyze, and optimize production in real-time, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning and AI services enable industrial automation to become even more efficient and effective. We use advanced algorithms to analyze data and create predictive models that can be used to make informed decisions and automate processes. With our Machine Learning and AI services, you can optimize operations, reduce costs, and ultimately improve the overall performance of your industrial automation.



Our Lean Automation service is designed to help reduce waste and increase efficiency. We use Lean principles to design the perfect automation system for your business, with a lot size of one and continuous flow so you can achieve maximum output with minimal effort.



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